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The 1960 Capo Sieger is Built!

Posted by Justin on

The Capo is no longer strictly a wall hanger.  Well, ok... it still can't be ridden.  But it's built back up with the original parts including Ambrosio adjustable stem and Champion bars!  The saddle is a bit older, a 1940's or very early 50's B17 in astounding condition.  All of these parts are actually original to this particular frame! She'll be hitting the Fleabay tomorrow.  Should be an interesting watch.  

Capo frames were imported to California in extremely low numbers in the early 1960's.  This Sieger model was the top of the line bike, above the standard Capo Modell Campagnolo.  The main feature that distinguishes the Sieger from the Campagnolo is the stepped fork crown.  Also the Modell Campagnolo would have come with Gran Sport derailleurs/shifters.

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