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NOS 1985 Vittoria Titanium Platform Pedals: LIGHTEST PEDALS EVER! Uber Rare!

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These 1985 Italian pedals are called by Speedplay Pedal Museum the lightest quill pedals EVER made, at 75 grams per pedal (including plastic toe clip bolts)!  They're also extrordinarily rare!  Little is known about them, except they're some of the coolest parts we've seen.   They've never been on a bike!  Made only one year.

You're probably asking yourself; are these really worth $499?  The short answer is, we don't know.  I've found ZERO record of these things being sold, anywhere.  The only pair on Ebay I've ever seen was a well used set with steel axles that sold for $80.  Based on the rarity and coolness factor against similarly rare/cool parts we've sold in the past, we think this is a good price for a historic pedal set in NOS condition.   Long term plan is Ebay, but we like showing things this cool to our customers first.  If they find a home here without having to hit Fleabay, great!

As for the weight claim:  These have an actual weight of 75g per pedal!  Confirmed on multiple scales.  By far the lightest platform pedal we know of.  Nothing even comes close!  1980 Campagnolo Super Record pedals are 180g/pedal.  Superbe Pro's are 140g/pedal.  1990's Thompson Timeless Transition pedals are 94g/pedal.  As for clipless pedals, most are still heavier.  Speedplay Zero titanium clipless pedals are 82g each w/o cleats! (107g w/ cleat).  Even the fabled M2Racer Orb pedals are 99g/pedal with cleat.

The few reviews and 1st hand accounts that can be found about them claim great durability.  The only reported problem is losing the impossible to find dust caps!

Condition: New Old Stock! Pristine!  Can't find a single blemish.  Bearings are smoother than ice.

  • Axle: titanium
  • Body: thermoplastic
  • Toe clip screws: plastic
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Made in Italy

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