Vintage Bicycle Resources

Super cool links!  These are the blogs, sites, and shops that inspire us to keep riding.  Check them out!

  • Bike Recyclery Blog:  Here's where we'll do write-ups on interesting bikes, new things we're doing around the shop, etc
  • Velobase: Info on nearly every vintage part made.
  • Component Date Codes:  Vintage Trek's page explaining date codes on bike parts.  Very helpful!
  • Sheldon Brown:  The late, great bike god himself.  If it's about a bike, it's written here
  • IMBA:  World's most active advocate group for mountain bike trails and riders.  These are the guys that keep our trails accessible!  
  • MTB Project: This one's just getting started, but is well on it's way to being the largest and best database for trail research in the country