The Last & BEST Retro Rockshox Rebuild Parts Lot! Judy-SID-Lyrik-Revelation-Duke-Psylo-Tora-Reba Most NIB/Complete

4th Jan 2017

This is the last bulk listing from my vintage fork parts haul. This is all quite nice stuff that I had put aside to list on my website. I've spent enough time on this suspension stuff and have neglected my core road/mtb parts too long. This is the smallest space-wise of the bulk lots I've sold, but by far the best with the most complete and desired parts.

This lot is primarily complete, NOS parts in OEM packaging. The vast majority is separated into neat boxes; only three or four of these small boxes are mixed/various parts.

$2700 Local pickup in Portland only. Cash/card/paypal. Must take all. This is one small SUV load.


-10 Boxxer stanchions (mostly used or new with shop wear)

-Dampers: 99 Judy / 01 Judy C & Race / 99 Jett / 07 Tora / 02 Duke / 99 Ruby / 08 SID / 06 Pilot / more (several to tons of each, all NIB)

-SID XL Cartridges: 102mm and 80mm. Easily 500 of these NIB. Some are the short body version, some are long body. This is the large stack of cardboard boxes in the back of the main photo, as well as the USPS tubs on either side of it.

-U-Turn spring assemblies. Mostly Psylo, with a few misc thrown in (maybe Judy and Duke?). All new.

-Spare parts tackle boxes: (clear hardware boxes lower left corner of main pic). Each of these boxes contains small hardware to rebuild numerous forks. 8 boxes of Revelation/Recon/Tora, 2 for Duke/Psylo, 1 for Reba/Pike. All pieces are new, but unsure how complete boxes are. They all have a ton of parts, but are surely missing a few.

-Fork legs: 50+ NIB fork legs with seals/wipers/bushings. Primarily Duke and Psylo. Dark blue, yellow, army green, dark grey, etc

-Fork braces: box of maybe 10-15 braces, mostly used. Mag 21, Judy, Paris Roubaix

-02 to 04 Judy Hydracoil springs: milk crate full, NIB

-Lyric parts: Mission Control Compression Dampers, 2 step air dampers/pistons/etc, all new

-Top caps: Quadra, 03 Duke Delight, 02-03 Pilot/Judy/Duke air assist, others. Lots of each

-Small box of travel/compression remotes and knobs: Poploc, blackbox, Pure, etc

-Rear shock reducers: three boxes of sorted in OEM packaging, one large plastic bag full

-MISC: Foam rings for 28mm/30mm, RS-99 seal head kits, Pearl Isolate cushion kits, Deluxe DLX shock bodies, etc