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Definitive Women's Saddle Issues & Genital Pain Guide! Must Read

Posted by Justin on

Are you a human that has a vagina, or a human that sells bicycle saddles to humans with vaginas?  This blog by Lovely Bike is a must-read.  Startling fact: A study by the British Cycling Federation found that 100% of female olympic cyclists experienced genital discomfort while riding!  You are not alone.  Spread this around to all your bike industry friends.  Let's create a world where a female bodied person can walk into any bike shop and frankly discuss real saddle discomfort issues and get honest advice!  There's a warning in the introduction warning that males may not want to read this, I'll advise against that warning: read this anyway!

Topics discussed include:

  • Which areas of the female genitalia are discomforted by different types of riding positions, and how to fix them
  • Which saddle is right for me?
  • What to do about pubic hair. Shaving? Sugaring? Waxing? Au naturale?
  • A bold idea about how to ride on your period

Click the image below!

Women Specific saddle guide

Women's Saddle Guide

LovelyBike Women's Saddle Guide

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