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Bike Swap Meets

We spend a significant amount of time researching and traveling to bike swaps to buy and sell bike parts.  We were already making a list of swaps, so we thought why not make it bigger and share it!.  We'll add more when we learn about them.  If you can't make these swaps, be sure to surf this site where you can find the same kind of great used, new, and vintage parts.  See you there!





Venue Name


San Diego, CA

San Diego Velodrome

Velodrome Spring Swap


Copake, NY

Copake Auction House

Copake Bicycle Auction & Swap
 4/14/14  Tucson, AZ Downtown Tucson  Spring Tucson GABA SWAP
 4/19/14  Grand Junction, CO  Downtown Grand Junction  COPMOBA MOGFEST Bike Swap
 4/27/14  Fort Collins, CO  Mountain & College  Gearage FoCo Earth Day & Bike Swap 
 5/3/14  Durango, CO    Durango DEVO Bike Swap
 5/4/14  Lakewood, CO  Jefferson Co Fair Grounds  Boulder Bicycle and Camera Show
5/4/14 Breiningsville, PA Valley Preferred Cycling Center Spring VeloFest
 5/16/14  Boulder, CO  Bicycle Village Shop  Boulder Bicycle Village Swap
5/18/13 Boulder, CO Fat Kitty Cycles Boulder Bike Swap
May 25rd 2014  Paso Robles, CA   Great Western Bike Rally Swap Meet